Are you running the Chevron Houston marathon this weekend? How not to get injured.

From training to fueling. What you should know before you tie your running shoes

HOUSTON – Dr. Jaime Aparicio, physical therapist and Chevron Houston Marathon ambassador stopped by our studio to share advice on how not to get injured if you are a new runner or if you are running the Chevron Houston marathon this weekend.
One major concern on everybody’s mind is the weather. The race day is expected to be freezing with wind chills in the morning.

“The cold temperatures are going to be great for a lot of people, because they are going to be able to have really fast time, because a lot of people come from all over the world to try to break some records. But it could be a challenge for others as well, too,” said Aparicio, who is also a medical director for Trail Racing over Texas.

“The important thing is to conserve energy, so if you are shivering at the beginning of the race you are spending energy, so you really want to stay warm at the beginning of the race. So putting on lots of layers that you can shed as you run and get warmer,” said Aparicio, who specializes in working with endurance runners.

“Basic rules for hydration is to drink when you are thirsty. That way your body is going to regulate correctly and you should be fine,” Aparicio said.

When it comes to prevent running injuries, Aparicio recommends dynamic stretching before running. “That is when you are moving around. Think about skips, hops, leg swings, things to get those muscles working,” he said.  

If you still want to compete in a 5K, there are a few spots available for the We Are Houston 5K this Saturday, Jan. 19. If you just want to cheer during the Chevron Houston Marathon, be sure to download its app.

“It has a top10 watch spot you can use. The app is great for both spectators and runners. It tells you the full schedule. It takes you where to be or where to see in the different neighborhoods that the marathon is going to be running through,” said Aparicio.

For more tips, see the video above.