Spring garden planning

From peppers to eggplants know what seeds to plant now for your garden


HOUSTON – January is when gardeners around the country go digging through their seed catalogs and making plans for the spring garden.

“Every garden starts with a plan and you have to start now,” said Corey McMullen, from Urban Organics, who shared with us some great tips to start working on your spring garden.

“Start by sketching the space you have. Grab a sheet of paper. There’s places online like the Farmer’s almanac, they got a plant layout program,” said McMullen, who explained why having the layout is important.
“If you go into a garden with a map, you know where everything is and you can time it properly to get the most out of that space. You know in early June you pull out your tomatoes and that’s when you  put in eggplants or what have you, right behind that,” said McMullen.

“If we are planting seeds we are planting from our spring vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and broccoli and things like that,” said McMullen, who also shared with us other vegetables to plant indoors now like, eggplant and tomatillo. All they need is a water and sun, and according to McMullen, “If you don’t have a greenhouse, put them in a sunny window.”

For more tips, see the video above.