Cardio workouts: 4 exercises to start losing weight

Burn extra calories with this easy workout routine to drop body fat

HOUSTON – Shane O’Connor, personal trainer and team development manager from Life Time Athletic in Cypress, stopped by our studio to share four exercises you can do at home to burn calories faster to drop body fat. He suggests starting with a kettlebell complex.

“This is a total body movement that’s going to help us to spike that metabolism and burn that body fat.” With arms tight and close to our body, squat down. When our knees are in our elbows, extend that kettlebell down, curl that back up, squat and then press up overhead,” said O’Connor, who recommends eight repetitions of this exercise.

Then lay on your back, and follow with a supine bird dog.

“This exercise helps to focus in increasing on our core strength to protect from injury and increase your performance,” said O’Connor, who suggests that when this exercise get easier, or make it harder.

“Use a yoga block to stay contracted on one side and continue to open up and shorten on the other side,” said O’Connor.

You can then continue with a hip bridge with anti-rotation.

“The goal for this is to really fire up those glutes and that core consistently. That’s going to help us burn more calories and burn off that fat from New Year’s,” said O’Connor, who recommends finishing up your workout with plank shoulder taps and toe touches.

Working out three days a week is great to get your started, but remember to vary intensity each week and progress with your exercises. 

“That’s how we are going to create sustainable change. It’s not about getting that weight off, we want to keep it off, we don’t want to go through that vicious cycle of going up and down all the time,” said O’Connor.

Watch the video above to see the routine.