Why it's time to upgrade your windows

Energy efficiency is everything now, get on board!

HOUSTON – There are many reasons to help you decide about finally getting new windows, and it’s not all about the look.

“It adds a lot of value to your house, curb appeal --it’s incredible. So, looks, energy efficiency, dust, dirt, pollen, noise. It helps with a lot of the bleaching of the furniture and carpets, drapes and blinds,” said Dale Brock, co-owner of Superior Window Company. He stopped by our studio to explain why you should consider replacing your windows with double-pane energy efficient windows.

“They save a lot of money off your heating and cooling bill. The average person can save from 30 to 40 percent off their bill,” said Brock.

If safety is a concern for you, according to Brock, new windows provide more security.

“The windows that are made for our company have steel locks with steel receiver. There are a lot of windows in the market with plastic locks and receivers and they don’t hold up good,” said Brock.  

New windows can also have great self-locking mechanism, great for people with arthritis or other hand  issues.

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