RECIPE: Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut

Recipe provided by Goya Foods

HOUSTON – Nothing warms the heart around the holidays like a hearty bowl of soup!

This butternut squash soup with a tropical twist is sure to do the trick.

According to the Goya Foods website:

The warm and comforting flavor butternut squash gets a taste of the tropics thanks to coconut milk in this creamy, elegant soup. Any winter squash – like calabaza, kabocha and buttercup – will do, as they all have dense flesh with a sweet, slightly nutty taste. The squash is cooked alongside mild leeks, vibrant ginger and warm cinnamon and nutmeg before being blended until smooth. After, a splash of rich GOYA® Coconut Milk is added to enrich the soup, making it extra silky and creamy with an unexpected luxurious flavor. We garnish the soup with shredded coconut and croutons for crunch, but you can also try topping the soup with toasted butternut squash seeds, ground cinnamon or chopped cilantro.

Watch the recipe being made in the video above, or click here to find the list of ingredients and directions.


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