Holiday dog fashion

From a reindeer sweater to a Santa hat with beard, cute outfits for your dogs

HOUSTON – Your four-legged friends deserve a happy paw-lidays, so how about dressing them up for your Christmas celebration?

 “A lot of people are enjoying dressing up their pets for holiday parties. It’s a fun trend and the dogs end up really liking it too,” said Laura Koch, executive manager of Meadowlake Pet Resort, who stopped by our studio with great options for holiday dog apparel.

There are definitely some things to keep in mind before getting your dog their costumes.

“Different dogs like different pieces of attire, if you will. So not everyone likes wearing a scarf and not everyone likes wearing a dress. So you have to know your dog’s personality and make sure you are not putting them in something they are going to feel uncomfortable in,” said Koch.

See the full clip above.