Where to get big discounts on your holiday shopping

Find stockings stuffers, clothing, furniture, more at Caffey Enterprises

HOUSTON – You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your holiday shopping this year. You can buy clothes for the whole family at Caffey Enterprises, an asset recovery company that has great clothing for men, women and kids,including coats and sweaters.

But that’s not all. It also has brand-new merchandise in from Sears, Penny’s, Macy’s, Target, Costco, Amazon and even Lowe’s.

“We got truckloads of tools, and in this time of the year, guys like tools, it's Christmas time,” said RJ Boatman, from Caffey Enterprises.

Head to Caffey Enterprises for a little help for Santa. The business has tons of stocking stuffers like socks, scarves and gloves, but it also has great deals on tools and electronics. Boatman explained how it can offer discounts on brand-new items with tags. “ Much of the inventory is seasonal, so it’s coming off the shelves at the stores. Jim Caffey finds a way to buy them, get it at the store and just makes great deals to the community,” said Boatman.

If you are looking for appliances or furniture, Caffey Enterprises also has great prices for those items.

“Mattresses, some of the best on the market. Serta, Sealy. Really good deals,” Boatman said. “I always talk about the hidden gems that you are going to find when you go there. My wife and kids stopped by all the time and she’s always telling me about the great deals she finds. The new bar stools for our bar at home, just interesting things, especially around the holidays.”

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