Lose the extra holiday weight

How the latest in laser technology can help you slim down

HOUSTON – The holidays are all about overindulging, especially when it comes to desserts.

But that extra cookie or slice of pie can pack on some serious calories, especially if you're watching your diet and weight. 

Laura Alexis with Innovative Lasers of Houston shares some calorie counts for holiday desserts and the amount of exercise required to burn off those extra calories. 

She also explains how the Zerona Laser can help patients stay on track with their weight-loss goals this holiday season. 

"A patient comes in for their free consultation, we do an analytical scan, which not only tells us the weight, but tells us how and where the weight is coming from. So that we can specifically target the areas that they are concerned with and put them in a plan specifically right for them," Alexis said. 

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