Tai chi: It's a great way to fight stress

Reduce stress and calm your mind with tai chi

HOUSTON – Yana Lee head instructor at Body & Brain Westpark stopped by our studio with a beginner’s lesson to Tai chi and the importance of energy to release stress.

“Start to feel the energy, the tingling in your hand, the warm in your hand. Once you start to feel, then your thoughts start to quiet down. That’s the whole point of feeling the energy,” said Lee.

There are many benefits to Tai chi; it’s not only a great method of relaxation, but is also a great low impact workout.

“Tai chi helps strengthen the lower body, and once you start working out the lower body, you start to feel grounded. And it also helps to strength your core, so you have more balance,” said Lee, who has been teaching for twelve years.

Watch the video above to learn some tai chi moves.