Holiday Succulents: 3 creative DIY ideas

Move over poinsettias, succulents can add a festive touch this holiday season.

HOUSTON – We love crafting, especially in this merry time of the year, and succulents are a great houseplant to incorporate the holidays.

Whether you are looking for a homemade gift, a favor for a Christmas event or just a home decor element, a DIY succulent plant is a great project to work on.

Jessica Siefert, owner of “The Succulent Bar” stopped by our studio to show us how to create a succulent arrangement with a holiday twist using some simple ornaments.

Working on a succulent is a great team building activity, so you can involve your family or friends or surprise them with your creation. According to Siefert, “It can be a very affordable gift, but also one that’s statement-making, putting those personal touches into the piece.”

Get creative with your arrangement but remember to not over water your succulent “that’s how 99 percent of people kill them, it’s by overwatering them. In the winter months especially, you want to be careful about that. Water them once a month and also make sure you get them a lot of light,” said Siefert.