Fall reading books for the entire family

12 Fall reads you won't want to miss



Fall is a great season to curl up with a great story that will really suck you in. Starting with adult reads, Sara Balabanlilar with Brazos Bookstore shares her tops reads.

 “My #1 pick would be ‘Killing Commendatore’ by Haruki Murakami, he is a very beloved Japanese author, he’s really influenced by the west, and so you’ll find a lot in his books that will really feel familiar to you although his writing is from across the world,”

This Fall, go “old fashioned” and visit a local bookstore instead of reading from a tablet!

“I think we pride ourselves on really giving advice, trying to recommend books to people that they might not have thought of themselves, we try to figure it out with the individual, what they might be in the mood for,” said Balabanlilar.

With a 2 week holiday break, kids can take advantage of extra time on their hands to read a new book.

“Neal Shusterman has done over 30 award-winning books for kids and teens, he is fantastic! In the book ‘Dry’ he’s working on a book set in California, female protagonist, and this is really cool because we have a young woman who will go to any end to protect her family and home. So in the California drought, when waters run completely dry, she’s figuring out what to do to survive,” said Balabanlilar.

From holiday story hours to meeting talented authors, watch the clips above to find out more about Brazos Bookstore.