4 outfits to solve your workout wear problems

Are your gym leggings falling down or stinking too fast? We have solutions.

HOUSTON – Being in the gym involves moving around. Even if you’re in an indoor cycling class, you’re moving up and down. You probably find yourself tugging at your leggings because they keep creeping down as you move around. Or maybe they’re so tight you can’t breathe and they’re restricting your movement.

Good news! There are solutions to these problems. Ginny Ellsworth, the founder of Zyia Houston, stopped by our studio with ideas on how to solve these problems with your fitness gear.

High- waisted leggings with a thick waistband are a great option to keep your leggings that slipping. According to Ellsworth, “They tuck everything in. They stay put no matter what directions you are moving.”

On the other hand, if your workout clothes are too tight, “Make sure there is compression fabric with four-way stretch, so it doesn't restrict movement,” said Ellsworth.

Ellsworth is also sharing solutions to other common problems you may have encountered with your workout wear, such as clothes that stink way too fast, “Look for clothing with copper weaved into the fabric, which makes it odor-resistant,” she said. For leggings that don’t have a place to put your stuff on, “Go for high-waisted capris. You can easily run with your phone in your pocket and your pants won’t budge,” she said.