Vintage hip-hop fashion: How to get the look right

Selection of cool retro pieces from the '80s, '90s to add your wardrobe

HOUSTON – You have seen it in singers like Cardi B and Bruno Mars. Pieces from the 1980's and '90s are making a comeback in fashion. And every first Sunday of the month, Houston has a unique market that has become one of the best places to find cool vintage gear that ruled the hip-hop scene more than 20 years ago.

It’s called Hip Hop Vintage Flea Market and Jesse Rodriguez, one of its co-creators, stopped by our studio with a selection of urban pieces to add to your holiday shopping list like shirts, cardigans, jean jackets and windbreakers pants.

“Those were super popular, in different colors and you can match it with any T-shirt and denim jacket to add a little bit of accent for the colors,” said Rodriguez.  

Collectors also enjoy shopping for these outfits for other reasons besides fashion.

“The model has a Nike gray tag T-shirt. The gray tag is a popular piece, because it’s specifically from '88 and '91, '92. So to have a piece that’s that old in that great of shape, people thrive on that,” said Rodriguez, who also told us that nostalgia is an important factor when shopping for vintage fashion. That’s why one of their most popular items is “a DARE single-stich vintage tee.”

The next Hip Hop Flea Market is on Dec. 2 at 2011 Leeland St. For more information click here.