Derrick and Courtney's hip-hop moves

A lesson in Top Rock. Are Derrick and Courtney ready for a hip-hop circle?

HOUSTON – Thrusday was Derrick and Courtney's turn to learn some basic steps to get them ready for a hip-hop circle.

“Hip-hop is for everybody,” says Ericka Martinez, CEO of Bgirl City, a dance group and nonprofit organization that brings hip-hop elements such as M cee battles and break dancing workshops to communities around Houston.

Even though break dancing is a difficult skill to master, fortunately there are some top rock steps that will make anyone look like they can break dance.

According to Martinez, top rock is where you introduce yourself on the floor and serves as an opening of your style.

“What’s really important is that we enter a battle, a dance or a circle with that state of mind, that stance. Always like to start with that bboy or bgirl stance. Give them that state of mine, who you are, what you are about to present,” Martinez said.

See full clip above.