Clash of the thrift shop titans: Courtney vs. Derrick

Courtney and Derrick go head to head in a thrift shop challenge and a $25 budget

HOUSTON – In their quest to be thrifty like pros and with the help of Jen Meneely and Pippa Williams from “Too cheap blondes”, Derrick Shore and Courtney Zavala went into a thrift shopping adventure.

The goal was to create a fall look for under $25 in less than 30 minutes.  Jen was part of team Courtney and Pippa was part of team Derrick.

They learned thrift store hacks and were so happy with the items they found that they wore their thrift shop outfits to the show.

Both Derrick and Courtney were pretty confident in their chances to win, but “Too cheap blondes” were the ones who revealed who won the challenge. “It was a very close competition, less than a quarter of difference between them," said Meneely.

See the full segment in the clips above.