Fix your smile with a customized design

Aesthetic issues with your smile can make you unhappy. But there is a solution.

HOUSTON – One of your most prominent features is your smile that’s why it’s so important to take care of it. But if you are not happy with your smile for aesthetic reasons, now it’s the best time to fix it, because the art of cosmetic dentistry mixed with modern technology now allows you to customize your smile to make it more natural.

Dr. Oscar Cuellar from the Comprehensive Dental Group by Dr. Hanna stopped by our studio with more details on how to fix your smile using scanners, digital impression and other state of the art technology to make it according to your facial changes. “One of the exams is recognizing the facial features of each person that includes your teeth, your lips, how everything works together,” said Cuellar.

Cuellar also shared with us some great before and after examples to show how their lab creates custom designed smiles. “You can even have a hybrid style and can combine styles. You may want your central teeth long and your canine teeth in a different shape,” said Cuellar.

Using veneers, crowns or implants you can get a full rehabilitation of your smile.  And if you don’t know which smile you want, there’s even a template you can use for your first appointment to have a better understanding of what can be done to get the style you’ve always wanted.  

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