How to handcraft a chocolate bonbon

With five simple steps you can handcraft a chocolate bonbon in your home.

HOUSTON – For many of us a chocolate bonbon is a delicacy for special occasions, but you can indulge in this treat more often if you make them at home.

“It’s an easy process, but it can get technical,” said chef Dany Kamkhagi, head chocolatier at Mostly Chocolate & Catering who teaches a bonbon workshop class.

Make sure you’re working in a room that is no higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit for best results. Start by cleaning the molds with cotton to remove water stains or chocolate residues.  Then use a brush to paint molds with colored cocoa butter paint. Fill each cavity with melted dark chocolate and dump out the excess so you are left with a thin shell of chocolate. Let it dry on its own for 5 to 6 minutes. Pipe the filling into each cavity. Pour some more chocolate to seal the cavity and de-shell the bonbons.

The most important advice to handcraft these bonbons: Take your time with it. “If you want to be a chocolatier or make chocolates, patience is the name of the game," said Kamkhagi.

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