Men, step up your fashion game with these trendy ties

How to achieve a modern but casual look with neckties from a local designer


HOUSTON – You don't need a suit to wear a tie. You can add some style to your shirt or jacket with a trendy necktie thanks to a local designer.

Kathrine Zeren is a Houston native who started making neckties as a way to raise money for a trip abroad, but found herself loving the quality of fabrics and attention to details needed in creating men’s accessories.

She created a line of neckties, bow ties and pocket squares that look great with jeans and sneakers and she stopped by our studio to show us some modern but casual looks that work great for all men.

These accessories look great for daytime and help to keep it more casual at night, she said.
“I think is very important for clothing to be versatile, especially in today’s age, you need something you can wear in a variety of ways” said Zeren, who has a Master's in arts leadership from the University of Houston.

If the ties look unique, that’s because they are handdyed. And since Zeren is a supporter of ethical fashion, she produces her line using sustainably sourced fabrics.  “Recently I started working with a local factory, so everything is made here in Houston.  I just wanted to support local business,” the designer said.