Sarah Grace is a local high school student who is now competing on The Voice

She attends school by day... and Kelly Clarkson is her vocal coach by night

HOUSTONSarah Grace has been waiting for a moment like this... similar to Kelly Clarkson's hit song.

She has been practicing and rehearsing for years.

And now this high school student is fulfilling her dreams by getting a three chair turn on The Voice.  

"I'm really excited because I had worked so hard. And not just in that month, but during the five years that I had put practice and time into my band and original music," Sarah Grace said.

Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson all wanted her on their team.

"It was so hard. I went in there thinking that I knew who I wanted. But once I had Blake, Jennifer and Kelly all looking at me... I just wanted a coach that I knew I would get along with and have fun with," Sarah Grace said. 

Spoiler alert -- she went with Team Kelly!

Sarah Grace's journey continues on The Voice and you can keep up with her by following her on instagram.com/sarahgraceandthesoul