How To Pickle Fresh Veggies


HOUSTONMegan Frankum,The Pickler Next Door, shares her recipe for pickling fresh veggies on Houston Life.

Megan's Directions For Pickling Fresh Veggies:

What You Need:
- Organic veggies
- Water
- Pickling salt
- White vinegar 
- Big pot for brine 
- Big pot for end bath 

What I like to do first is soon as I Pick the vegetables that I want a pickle I go ahead and I pick them and I let them soak in water for about 10 minutes and that gives me time to prep the jars and lids for sanitation. 

Then I go ahead and start the  brine which is water, vinegar and pickling salt.  (Bring that to a boil)  

After the jars have been washed and placed In the oven to heat(250 degrees) for about 15 minutes I take the jars out (with heat pad)  and  sprinkle some dill seed and the bottom and I start to pack the vegetables inside the jars. I try and be a little creative with them and the dill weed. I like to see it on the side of the jar. Or you can add some color with some bell pepper or onions.  

 After all the vegetables are in the jars good and packed I get a measuring cup and fill the jars up with the boiling Brine( make sure the brine in at the very top of the jar). 

After I take the hot lids and get them on as tight as I can. 

So after the lids are all on the jars I give them a good soak in a hot boiling bath for about 10  minutes and pull them out and place them on a towel to cool.

When the lids start to POP that means you did the job right!