Wow your guests with this DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece

Get inspired by fall with this garland runner for your table

HOUSTON – If you want to decorate your Thanksgiving table without spending much, a DIY centerpiece will put the festive touch you need, while saving bucks.

Basia Gurtowski, co-owner of popular party store Revelry Goods, shares how to create a fun and easy centerpiece for this upcoming holiday.

"It has two pumpkins as anchors with two wooden poles drilled into the stems of the pumpkins and a string strung across, and various fall leaves, wheat, and other dry floral suspended from it," said Gurtowski.

Courtesy: Revelry Goods


Dried fall leaves
Dried wheatgrass and other dried grasses of your choice
Twine (two different thicknesses)
Embroidery floss in the color palette of your choice
Two good sized pumpkins
Two sticks
Paint in your color palette
Spray paint (optional)

Paint Brushes
Gorilla Glue

Collect any leaves you would like to use for the project. Fall is the best time to make this because the leaves have so many colors. You can also purchase any dried grass/flowers you would like to use. I really like wheatgrass and bunny tails. It's really up to you. The more variety, the more interesting you can make this decor piece.

Make a little bunch of dried floral and then wrap with the embroidery floss around all the stems from the base of the stem up (about 2 inches).  Make as many as you like that will cover the length of your table. I recommend somewhere between 20-30.  Trim the ends of the bunches to your liking.

Add in paint to the leaves you had collected to go with your color palette. You can be creative here and add in a design or little splashes of color.

Drill holes in your pumpkin stems to the thickness of the sticks you are using. Cover the ends of the sticks with gorilla glue and set in the drilled holes and let it dry.

Cut a length of twine to the length of the table you on which will be setting your garland. Begin assembling your garland with the little bundles of dried floral and leaves. Make sure you leave enough extra string on both ends to tie to the sticks. You can hang them in various heights, but not too long so that you can still see across the table if people will be sitting on both sides.

Once the garland is done, place pumpkins at the ends of the table and tie the garland on each end. You now have a magical garland runner for Thanksgiving Day!

Instructions provided by Basia Gurtowski.