The wedding diet explained

By Haley Hernandez - Health Reporter

HOUSTON - Whether you're attending a wedding, reunion or any big event, anyone can get in shape with this bridal boot camp breakdown.

Make a consultation

If you plan to have any cosmetic procedures, make a consultation with a board certified dermatologist’s office.

During a consultation, an esthetician will determine the best type of treatment, which will determine your cost. 

The most important thing for people with a darker complexions is you may find out the procedure you want could damage your pigment (which means it can change the color of your skin). However, dermatologists say most treatments are safe when you go to a reputable office.

Some specialists charge for the consultation so make sure to ask before you make the appointment!

Three to six months

  • Big results take months if you're looking to tone your whole body and face.
  • Dr. Sherry Ingraham, Advanced Dermatology in Katy, said these are the dermatologic options you can do months before the big day:
  • Use sun screen 
  • New Skin – during this time focus on treatments that help to maximize the results you see from dermaplaning and chemical peels, when the skin sheds. You want to be regenerating and healing the skin at this point.
  • Options include: 

a. Micro needling  - This somewhat intense treatment works for just about everyone. It uses cellular elements from your own blood to promote cell growth for an even-toned complexion. Undergo some skin rejuvenating treatments like micro needling with laser, or IPL.

b. SkinPen - SkinPen works by creating a series of hundreds of microscopic channels into the dermis to stimulate the skin’s natural production of new collagen and elastin, helping skin to look and feel healthier. Results for fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and skin texture. SkinPen  can be used on all parts of the body: face, neck, arms, hand, legs, abdomen and back.

  • Several treatments may be required for the ultimate results. Your first treatment may require more downtime—six months gives you ample time to shock your skin and then receive one to two additional peels or some microdermabrasion before your wedding day.
  • Coolsculpting works to eliminate stubborn fat. Dr. Ingraham said it can be used on your arms if you wish to wear a sleeveless dress.
  • Remind your doctor/aesthetician of the results you want to achieve. Having open communication ensures that you really maximize each appointment.

Do not do these procedures within a month of the big day to avoid redness and possible bruising.

The above procedures are not covered by insurance because it's cosmetic. They may cost hundreds of dollars.

 One month

•    Avoid anything intense like extractions and deep peels. Zero in on exfoliating treatments and using products that nourish and enrich your skin.
•    Exfoliate, dark spots -A month out: receive, accept, and recover from these more aggressive treatments and ingredients, which are helping to even out tone, lighten dark spots and reveal a fresh glow.

A few weeks

Botox has been approved by the FDA for excessive sweating. It can help control this condition by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands.

If you have hyperhidrosis, a medical condition that causes excessive sweating, there's a chance insurance will cover the cost of Botox for sweating.

Dr. Ingraham said it can be used to treat sweaty hands, feet, face, underarms and scalp.

Two weeks

Two weeks before the big day, dietician Brittany Link from Advice for Eating said no alcohol. It will dehydrate, make you bloat, and add extra calories 

While increasing water intake will help make you feel slimmer and give you the glow you're aiming for.

One week

No aggressive treatments.

•    On the week before your wedding, don’t introduce any new products to your skincare regime - continue with the tried-and-tested products you know work for your skin type and avoid aggressive treatments such as peels and lasers which could cause a reaction. Gentle masks are a great way to promote brightness and radiance, Ingraham said.
•    Eat plenty of great skin foods in the days before the wedding – think oily fish, avocado, sweet potato, nuts and seeds. They all offer great skin-boosting benefits, to ensure a lit-from-within radiance on the wedding day itself. 

Night before

The night before, you can take an anti-inflammatory to reduce acne swelling or do a DIY spot treatment using crushed aspirin in warm water to reduce redness from breakouts.

But most importantly, experts say, get sleep and avoid stress!

  • Stress - While hormones and skincare play a factor in whether or not your skin is clear, sometimes it just comes down to stress. Preparation for major life events that we have very little control over is bound to be stressful. 
  • Green tea - For a quick acne fix, boil a pot of green tea and take the tea bag out. Once it's cooled, dab it onto the affected area or swipe it onto the pimple with a cotton ball.
  • Honey actually has anti-bacterial properties that help it reduce the size of pimples. Dab a small amount of honey onto a pimple and leave it on the area for an hour; then rinse off since this shouldn’t be left on overnight.

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