Taco Bell, CDC take heat over salmonella outbreak

CDC: Restaurant not named because of no public health benefit

HOUSTON - Taco Bell is taking heat after public documents reveal the fast-foot chain was linked to a salmonella outbreak that infected dozens of Texans late last year.

A total of 68 people from 10 different states were sickened in October and November with this particular strain of salmonella.

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its findings last month, Taco Bell was only referred to as 'Restaurant A.'

"I think they should tell people. I would like to know," Taco Bell fan Pearlie Parker said.

A CDC representative said that when the investigation was finished, the salmonella threat was over. The CDC said naming Taco Bell would not have had any public health benefit.

The CDC is still not saying Taco Bell was the source of the salmonella outbreak. A report from the state of Oklahoma found half of the 16 people who got sick had eaten at Taco Bell before they became ill. Four did not respond to the investigation.

Of the 68 people infected last year, 43 were from Texas.

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