Study: Smokers' skin may age faster

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CLEVELAND, Ohio (NBC) - It's well known that smoking is bad for your heart and your lungs; but, now a new study reveals it also affects your appearance.

The study, published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal, was led by researchers at the University Hospitals of Cleveland.

The panel of three plastic surgeons examined the faces of 79 pairs of identical twins, one of which was a longtime smoker.

Researchers found the smoking twins' upper eyelids drooped, their lower eyelids sagged and they had more wrinkles around the mouth compared to their non-smoking sibling.

Experts say smoking decreases blood circulation in the skin, which causes it to look more weathered and wrinkled.

There's still time to save your skin if you quit or cut back on the habit now. Researchers say twins who smoked just five fewer years than their sibling had younger looking faces.

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