Students moved from HISD school due to mold

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - At Codwell Elementary School in South Houston, Houston Independent School District leaders have been making improvements on the school's security, plumbing and playground equipment. According to the district's 2007 bond website, it's about $1.7 million worth of fixes. They now know they have a new job -- cleaning up mold within the school's walls.

"We knew of some changes that were going to go on this summer as far as upgrading the school," said one woman whose grandchildren attend Codwell. "We thought asbestos, and foundation and things like that. But this mold is something very new to me."

The mold was found Thursday after construction workers tore down a wall while doing foundation repairs. The district said even before the discovery, no children were ever exposed because the mold had been contained inside the walls. Still, some parents Local 2 spoke to had concerns.

"I am going to take my kids to the doctor to know that they're OK," said Emilia Ortiz.

For at least a semester, students will be attending school at the former Inspired For Excellence charter school, about 2 miles from Codwell. It was also the site for the old Rhoades Elementary School, which shut down three years ago.

Caretakers describe the move as an inconvenience, but said they want what's best for their children and grandchildren.

"Keep them there for a year. Let them get acclimated, get situated and then bring them back into their new environment," said a grandmother. "Hopefully it'll be all cleaned up and taken care of."

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