Sports with higher risk for concussion for young athletes

Athletes are not the only ones susceptible to concussions

By Frank Espinoza - News Producer
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HOUSTON - The fall sports season is about to begin for many young athletes across the country and a few of those sports put athletes at a higher risk for a concussion.

In a 2011 study, researchers with the American Academy Of Pediatrics found football accounting for most concussions among kids in sports, but it's not the only sport that can be dangerous.

It's estimated that there are about four million concussions reported by student athletes each year, but another two million that aren't reported.

"Concussion can occur in any sport where you're going to sustain a blow to the head. So, whether it's hockey, football, cheerleading, soccer, all of the sports can potentially cause concussion, now some sports are more prone to it because that is the nature of the sport," said Dr. Charles Bernick with the Cleveland Clinic.

Besides football, hockey is also near the top of the top 5 sports with highest rate of concussion.

After that, soccer, but more concussions are seen in girls soccer than in boy's soccer. Another potentially dangerous sport can be cheerleading.

A 2012 study found concussion making up 20 percent of all cheerleading injuries.

Researchers with the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention also note concussions just don't happen to athletes.

They say it's good for all parents and teachers to know the signs of a concussion in the event of an accident at school, or at home.

Signs of concussion include headaches and problem with concentration, memory, balance and coordination issues.

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