Save money on your next medical procedure

Shopping around and planning ahead could make a difference

By Jenelle Shriner - News Executive Producer
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HOUSTON - Getting a good deal on medical care is probably one of the last things you think about when you're under the weather. But shopping around could make a difference in your fiscal health. 

To save, start with an insurance review of out-of-pocket costs.  Many plans have deductibles before coverage kicks in. After that, you still might be on the hook for some of the tab, especially if you go out-of-network or end up in the hospital.  In that case, some bill line items might not be covered at all.

Next, compare costs for quality care. There are several websites you can use to offer price estimates. and offer local price estimates to compare against your doctor's. Be sure to ask what the estimate includes, and check reviews on sites like or

Don't be shy about asking for help. You might be able to get the tests done at a cheaper provider, or a prescription filled off-site. 

Information provided by CNBC's Kelli Grant. 

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