Personalized allergy treatment comes to Houston

Allervision offers drops to treat allergies

HOUSTON - Karli Vidourek may work in a doctor's office, but often her allergies make her the patient.

"I'm just really sick of the watery eyes, itchy eyes, sneezing all day, sore throat," she said.

To find out what makes her body react, she had allergens put on her skin. The rounded tips carry 70 allergens, including grass, trees, animals, and even foods.

"I do feel like it's starting to itch, starting to get a reaction maybe," Vidourek said during the treatment.

The reactions to the allergens will lead her to a personalized treatment from Allervision.

The company has patients take daily drops that train their immune systems to recognize what causes their symptoms. This type of personalized treatment is widely available in Europe.

"If they're allergic to several different types of grass and several different types of molds, they will get drops specifically to deal with their allergies in those areas," said Dr. Lou Perretta.

Allergy drops cost about $60 a month and aren't covered by insurance.

Plus, the treatment takes time.

"You train your body and you train your immune system, but that takes place over many months and for as long as two to three years," said Dr. Perretta.

Vidourek also plans to make some changes based on what she found out by putting her skin to the test.

"I'm not going to do any yard work. My husband's going to have to do all that," she said with a laugh.

The treatment still needs final FDA approval.

Doctors said that over time, the drops could eliminate allergies altogether.

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