Pediatricians say back yard trampolines are too dangerous

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Bouncing up and down on a home trampoline may look like fun, but can be very dangerous. Pediatricians are discouraging trampoline use in a new report.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics' statement on trampoline safety, about 75 percent of trampoline injuries occur when multiple people are jumping.

Young children are at greatest risk for injury when jumping, especially kids under 5 years old. Nearly half of injuries in this age group result in broken bones or dislocations. Even safety features such as netting enclosures and padding do not significantly decrease the risk of injury.

Experts said although trampoline injury rates have been decreasing in the past decade, there were nearly 98,000 trampoline-related injuries in the U.S. during 2009 alone.

The report on trampoline safety is published in the journal, Pediatrics.

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