Ouch! Mosquitoes already out in force

HOUSTON - It may still be officially winter, but mosquitoes are swarming like it's summer in southeast Texas.

The future home of Sugar Land's new baseball team, the Skeeters, is still under construction. But if the weather stays the way it is -- warm and rainy -- there could be real skeeter problem outside the baseball stadium.

"We're seeing more mosquitoes than normal," said Weldon Sheard, Fort Bend County Mosquito Control Director. "Generally, this time of year we don't catch that many."

Sheard and his mosquito control team set out 24 mosquito traps all over Fort Bend County Monday. They usually find 10-20 mosquitoes in a trap. But this winter, it's a lot more.

Now, they're finding 100 to 200 mosquitoes in a trap.

Mosquitoes are loving the rainy, spring-like weather. These conditions are ideal for them.

Flood mosquitoes are landing in the traps. They are the bigger, more aggressive types. These are the same ones that plagued the are back in the fall.

Mosquito experts said if things don't change, the mosquito problem will get worse.

"If it stays warm and wet, we could have an active mosquito year," said Sheard.

Mosquito experts said those large mosquito eaters are actually not mosquitoes and also do not eat mosquitoes. They are crane flies, and experts said the crane fly does not eat anything as an adult, so there is nothing to worry about.

Homeowners can prevent mosquitoes in their area by making sure to dump out any standing water.

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