New strain of swine flu emerges

New strain called H3N2

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HOUSTON - A new strain of swine flu has emerged, with 29 cases in humans since last summer.

Experts are saying there's no need to panic over the potential for a pandemic -- at least not yet.

The new flu has hit children, mostly, and people with underlying health problems.

The illness is treatable with medications if needed and most patients have not been hospitalized.

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention said in the last three weeks they have detected 16 cases. Recent human cases have been found in Indiana, Ohio and Hawaii, mostly after direct contact with sick pigs at county fairs.

The new strain is different from the H1N1 Swine Flu that circulated in 2009. This strain is called H3N2. The most notable difference is that it does not appear to spread very well from person to person.

This year's flu shot does not protect against H3N2.

Experts said the best way to avoid it is to wash your hands before and after contact with animals.

Doctors said people do not get swine flu by eating pig products.

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