National flu outbreak hitting Texas hard

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor

HOUSTON - Texas is one of several states that's been hit hard by a widespread flu outbreak. In fact, there's been a second pediatric death in the state that occurred late last year in Hidalgo County.

It's scary anytime a family member gets the flu, but one family's 5-month-old caught the flu.

It's been difficult on the entire family watching such a tiny baby suffer through the flu. His symptoms began with sniffling, then he started sneezing. He never had a fever.

On New Year's Eve, his grandmother noticed he was turning purple around the mouth so they rushed him to the emergency room.

"Being so little that he has to go through this, it's tough for a first time parent like me...and see a child this way...and know that I can go through it...I can fight but you can't fight for him. I wish I could be fighting for him," said Quintin Morris, father of 5-month-old Octavian.

Doctors say Octavian should recover and be just fine. Little Octavian is the only one in the family who got the flu.

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