Microchip delivers medication under skin

Chip imbedded under skin

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Studies show about 50 percent of patients do not take their medication as prescribed. But researchers are working on a new pharmacy chip that can be programmed to dispense medication automatically.

Doctors at MIT said the chip is 5x3 centimeters and is imbedded under the skin below your belt line. It is then programmed to wirelessly to release medication from tiny reservoirs.

Osteoporosis patients, who have to inject themselves with bone growth drugs every day, were the first to test it.

A study showed the implant delivered the drug comparable to the patients' usual daily injection with no adverse side effects.

The new technology is taking the hurt and hassle out of drug delivery.

The microchip could help patients who need drugs for things like diabetes, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. The microchip's first study tested 20 doses of medication.

The next study will test the device with a year's worth of drugs.

There are also plans to make microchips with 30 years worth of medications.

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