Makeup in the gym: To wear or not to wear?

By Haley Hernandez - Health Reporter

HOUSTON - Looking good while working out is a billion-dollar business with the skyrocketing athleisure trend.

Now, with sporty clothes comes lines of sporty makeup.

Is that good for us?

“Absolutely not,” medical aesthetician at The Aesthetics Studio at Baylor College of Medicine, Kim Chang, said. “It's the combination of sweat, oil, dirt, and makeup that causes the blockage in the pores or follicle causing the breakout to happen.”

Even for people heading to the gym immediately after work, Chang said not to wear makeup.

“I would suggest using, or bringing with you, a travel-size cleanser to cleanse your face in the bathroom before you start working out,” she said. “You know the best thing to do is to work out with naked skin.”

However, Chang said, there is one exception to the rule.

“The main thing you're trying to do is really protect your skin, so eyeliner, mascara, go for it,” Chang said. Tinted moisturizers also get her stamp of approval.

But products marketed as “sport” or “fitness” that promise to cool your skin, Chang said they are not worth it.

“You know why it says cooling? Because of the glycerin. Glycerin is a natural humectant which helps with moisturizing the skin and when you put it on it feels cool,” Chang said, “but it doesn't cool you down because the sweat does that.”

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