Look younger with face yoga

You don't necessarily have to go to a plastic surgeon to get a facelift.  You can look younger with something called face yoga.

Forget the lip injections and Botox.  Face yoga can have instant results.

"The exercises themselves help to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, so you're definitely going  to get more tone, firmness and resilience," said Annelise Hagen, the creator and author of "The Yoga Face".

Hagen created certain moves.  One is called the lion face.

"You constrict, tighten every single muscle, not just your face, but your hands your buttocks your knees and then you let it go, and you feel great. It's like you had a  mini facelift," said Hagen.

Forget the fillers.  Face yoga is good for plumping up your cheeks.

"You're actually just breathing in through your nose and then pushing the air from cheek to cheek.  Then you blow it out," said Hagen.

To sculpt your nose, do a classic yoga pose.  Inhale through one nostril, hold it, and exhale out the other side.

"To debag, depuff and dewrinkle, you want to look at horizon level, and open your eyes as wide as you possibly can and try to expose the whites of them completely," said Hagen.

Something called the crow crow fly away gets rid of crow's feet.

"It's like you're winking upside down, and then you're going to put your finger there," said Hagen.

However, do not over do it. Hagen recommends doing three moves in a row, 10 times each.

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