How to stay healthy, safe while traveling this holiday season

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Going out of town this holiday season? Traveling can be hectic, and a lot of us forget to pack what is necessary when it comes to our health.

Experts say be prepared because anything can happen, even on vacation. They suggest always packing a first-aid kit, even if you are flying.  Cuts or bruises do not take time off.

If you wear glasses or contacts, take an extra pair just in case. If you do not have an extra pair, invest in an eyeglass repair kit.

If you have a preexisting condition and are under frequent care, let your doctor know where you going.  He or she may be able to provide you with a name of a physician you can go to, if you get sick.

If you are on medications, always take extra. Pack enough to last for a few days in your carry-on bags just in case your main luggage gets lost. Also, do not forget the motion sickness medicine. You never know when things could get bumpy.

Make sure to eat right.  Stock up on natural vitamin C, and eat lots of fruit.  Germs are lurking everywhere, especially on trains and planes, so try to ward them off with good nutrition.

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