Fresh-pressed juice gaining popularity

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor

HOUSTON - Mom always said to eat your vegetables. But how about drinking them?

Juicing is a health trend that's catching on. It's a quick and easy way get your vitamins and nutrients, and you can do it at home.

"I joke and say it's our micro-business," said Deborah Fitzgibbon.

At 220 square feet, Fitzgibbon's juice bar business may be small, but its drinks pack a big punch.

"It takes a lot of produce to fill a bottle," Fitzgibbon said. "You have your apple and your kale and celery."

Fitzgibbon said juicing is a great way to supplement your diet, and it allows the body to get the maximum benefit from the fruits and vegetables. It's a concentration of nutrients without the fiber.

A lot of people don't take the time and don't consume enough fruits and vegetables and this is a way that you can get whole natural organic fresh foods into your system and you wouldn't normally sit and consume that much at one sitting.

Fitzgibbon is passionate about juicing, and while her young business is growing quickly, she said juicing is something you can easily do at home.

"I'm doing actually a pretty easy juice today," Fitzgibbon said. "It's just going to be pineapple and spinach and broccoli."

Emily Edwards agrees. She's lost 57 pounds since last June and said juicing has been a big part of her success.

"I feel a lot better, I have more energy, I wake up in the morning without hitting snooze on the alarm clock," Edwards said.

She starts her days with a combination of carrot, lemon, ginger root and apple.

"It's nothing but nutrients going in your body, so just good clean food, and your body absorbs it really quickly and it responds to that well," Edwards said.

Home juicers can run anywhere from $130- $400. Emily suggests starting with just a few ingredients so you can figure out what you like and in what amounts.

"It took a lot of experimenting for me to figure out what I liked and what I didn't like," Edwards said. "When you start to really understand the why behind what your eating, it takes on a whole new life and it becomes really fun and you really appreciate what you're doing for your body. You feel like you're treating yourself kindly because we don't take enough time to do that."

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