Fall allergy season starts early

HOUSTON - If you're sniffling, sneezing and coughing, you are not alone. Fall allergy season is starting earlier than usual.

"When I feel it coming on, I just deal with it," said Donna Bajaj.

Bajaj suffers from fall allergies. She feels a tightness in her chest and has breathing problems. But she still went for a bike ride in Hermann Park on Tuesday.
"I'm coping," said Bajaj. "I have inhalers."

Doctors said ragweed pollen is in the heavy category.

The fall allergy season is starting earlier than usual, and it is because of our earlier than normal fall dry, cold front from over the weekend. It kicked up the winds and stirred up all of the pollen.

Ragweed season usually starts at the end of September and peaks in early October. It typically ends in the beginning of November.

Doctors said allergy sufferers should change their sheets often, take a shower before bed and make sure windows are closed in their homes and cars. They also said allergy sufferers should try over-the-counter medication, but if that does not work, see an allergist.

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