Chewing gum bad for your skin?

Dermatologist reveals unusual ways we damage our skin every day

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The dermatologist who authored "Feed Your Face" said some every day bad habits may be dooming your skin for years to come.

Dr. Jessica Wu said gum-chewing may be one of the worst habits for your face.

She said, "Over time, your jaw muscles build up, they get bulky and that contributes to a jowly look. Not only that, but over time, chewing gum can also contribute to wrinkles above your upper lip. Instead, pop a mint. If you can't stand the thought of giving up your gum, at least only chew half the stick and chew it for a few minutes."

Drinking from a straw had a similar wrinkle effect, according to Wu. 

The puckering can cause fine lines around the lips and mouth, and deeper creases as a person ages.

When you sleep, Wu said try to sleep on your back.  She said eight hours of pressure is not good for the face's delicate skin. 

"If you can't give up laying on your face, at least look for a soft satin or silk pillowcase because these soft materials help to reduce friction between your skin and the pillows so there's less creasing," Wu said.

Wu said cleaning sheets once a week and your face every night will also keep skin looking younger.

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