Bedbug infestation growing at Houston apartment complex

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - What experts say has been a growing problem in the Houston area is getting even bigger.

After learning about a bedbug case at the Coral Hill apartments on Beverly Hill Street near Richmond and Hillcroft, Local 2 spoke to apartment managers who confirmed the infestation of the tiny, bothersome insects that bite and make you itch all over.

"It's getting worse," said resident Stefany Reyes. "Like, my feet -- the skin's falling off because I've been scratching them."

Residents told Local 2 they've dealt with the problem for more than a year. In some cases it's been so bad, some people have had to throw away clothes and other household items.

A woman who did not want to be identified talked about helping one of those residents get rid of furniture because of the insects.

"We had to help her wrap up her sofa because it was infested with bedbugs," she said.

The regional manager of the company that owns the complex said a pest control expert will treat nearly one-fourth of the 174 units on Sept. 1. But a reliable source said up to three-fourths of the complex is infested. Residents said Sept. 1 isn't fast enough or good enough.

"That means you've got to stay getting bit up and you know, you can't even get furniture in your house because you have bedbugs," said the woman who didn't want to be identified. "You can't put more furniture in there because they still have (bed bugs)."

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