4 things that are making your hair greasy, how to fix it

By Haley Hernandez - Health Reporter

HOUSTON - Dry shampoo is so popular other products are copying its effect. A dry powder mousse by Sachajuan promises to evaporate in seconds while styling your hair.

Master stylist at Maison Luisant, Trey Gillen, tells clients to focus more on fixing these habits than piling on products:


"People put the wrong product in the wrong place on their hair," Gillen said. "Things like styling creams or smoothing serums, that should never go up here, that's going to have more oils in it and more emollients. That's for more control and a little bit of weight. So are you get frizzy is where you put your creams and emollients so that would be more from the ear down."


He encourages everyone to limit washing hair to three times a week or less. It seems counterintuitive but over-cleansing, can lead to more oil production.


"Your hair is also regenerating and your scalp is regenerating so a little bit more oil with hormones might be produced at that time of day. That oil is getting into your wet hair follicle and then it drying on that wet hair and that will make it even harder to manage," he said.


Your brush may be a contributor!

Your brush contains buildup which should be washed off.

Gillen recommends using mouthwash as an easy hack to clean brushes.

"Mouthwash is an antifungal, and most scalp issues like dandruff come from a fungal problem," he said.


If you find you need to regain control of oily hair, try using a shampoo with lactic acid. These are more salon-quality shampoos and can be harder to find, you'll have to search the ingredients to see if it has lactic acid.

"Maybe there's someone who's been washing their hair a lot and they just can’t seem to slow down the oil production. Find a shampoo with lactic acid in it, start using it and after about a month of using it you're really going to slow it down," Gillen said.

Gillen recommends either Loreal Professional Absolute Repair Lipidium or Sachajuan Scalp shampoo and said if you use them for a full month it will regulate oil production.

This is also a good option for people who go to the gym and want to wash their hair frequently.

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