Ask 2: What do you need to know about sending your child back to daycare?

Child in daycare (Pixabay)

There are rules and regulations set up for daycares to reopen. Although many stayed open for children of essential workers, the state is requiring modifications as more children return to the facilities because parents return to work.

The CDC and Texas state regulations are very similar. Classes are supposed to include the same group of kids each day with the same providers.

How many kids are allowed to be in each classroom?

This varies by age. For babies/kids under 12 months old the max is eight for two teachers (That’s down from 10 kids). Class sizes increase with age. For nine to 13-year-olds, the class size is 20 kids for two caregivers (that’s down from 35 kids).

Classrooms should not share toys. Classrooms should stagger time in common areas such as playgrounds.

Cribs and nap pads are supposed to be spaced six feet apart. It’s recommended children sleeping on the ground should be opposite head and feet to avoid breathing on each other.

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What you need to know about sending your child back to daycare

What about masks?

Most daycares are not requiring the children to wear masks. Kids under two are being told not to wear masks since it can hurt their breathing.

Some daycares may require masks for field trips or other circumstances.

Adult workers may be required to wear masks.

How do screenings work for kids who don't have symptoms?

The best protection we have is the wellness screenings: taking temperatures, asking people if they feel sick, have a runny nose, sore throat, etc. One recommendation is that childcare providers check temperatures both at the start of day and mid-day to identify any new temperature or one that was masked by fever-reducing drugs.

When will pools be reopened?

Pools are allowed to open. However, the City of Houston is not opening pools. It’s up to individual communities about when they will open their pools. The chlorine in pool water should be a good disinfectant, however, the problem could be when people are out of the pool and not social distancing.

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