Health reporter Haley Hernandez offers 4 tips on talking to loved ones who resist social distancing

HOUSTON – “Social distancing” is a phrase we now use daily.

Most people are doing this since it is recommended by all officials but what should you do if a family member deems this order unnecessary?

Here are tips to have an honest conversation with your loved one.

Don’t be judgemental

Shaming someone into social distancing definitely won’t work.

Understand why they’re doing this

Memorial Hermann Hospital said to try and understand why your loved ones do this. They said people have different responses to stress. Some may panic, which leads to behaviors that can be worrisome. Others may have the opposite reaction-- being in denial. Understand that denial is also a defense mechanism and you could feel a more compassionate attitude.

Maintain your boundaries

Memorial Hermann recommended saying something like, "We aren’t having visitors now but we will reschedule when it is safe to do so."

If there’s confrontation, end it by saying, “I won’t argue about this. It is important to me to take all the recommended precautions to protect our family.”

Relate to them

It can also be helpful to share your own story about how you came to accept the importance of social distancing.

Sometimes people just aren’t realizing that they’re supposed to be physically distant from family and neighborhood friends. Therefore, counselors recommend offering other ways to be social when asked to gather. Facetime, Zoom, Netflix party are among some of the most popular social platforms right now.