Katy woman who beat breast cancer and coronavirus has advice for people about social distancing

HOUSTON – Amanda Lipscomb beat breast cancer and coronavirus.

According to the Katy resident, she began showing symptoms of COVID-19 on March 12. She was tested on March 16 and her positive results came back on March 20.

After close to one month in self-quarantine, the 31-year-old is now one of 160 people in Harris County considered “recovered.”

“I do still have a lingering headache, I do still have a lingering cough every once in a while, and some breathing problems,” Lipscomb said. “What it feels like is like you’re underwater and you have that intuition that you need to come up for air, but you can’t.”

Per doctor’s orders, Lipscomb uses a peak flow meter three times a day to restore her lung capacity.

Lipscomb was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 27 years old. She has since overcome the cancer, but treatments left her immunocompromised. Despite the all-clear from the Harris County Public Health District and her local doctors, Lipscomb said she will be staying at home, away from others.

“Research is showing more than likely, I can’t get it again,” Lipscomb said. “But I still want to be safe and cautious.”

Lipscomb is advising others to do the same.

“It’s just not worth risking your health of your family’s health,” Lipscomb said. “Or if you’re an essential worker and you have to go into work, you’re risking your other co-workers’ health too.”

According to Lipscomb, she checks in once a week with doctors through a telehealth portal, to make sure her symptoms aren’t getting worse.