Nurse in The Woodlands reveals what her hospital is like during coronavirus crisis

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – Healthcare professionals are begging authorities to get them more personal protective equipment (PPE). Many hospitals in our area are even willing to take donations.

The governor even announced during a press conference that the state is willing to pay for your personal stash of medical supplies. Click here to see where you can donate/sell.

It feels like a truly desperate time for some healthcare workers, but one nurse in The Woodlands said they’re ready for what’s to come.

“Obviously these are different times for all of us. However, we in healthcare are living for moments like this,” said Cheryl Shay, the director of Patient Care at Memorial Hermann- The Woodlands Medical Center.

The whole country is worried about the wave of coronavirus patients threatening to flood hospitals, but Shay said her Woodlands hospital is not at risk of being overwhelmed yet and, she said they have supplies to weather the storm.

She said they discuss inventory levels every day, reuse some of their supplies and are receiving donations.

“We receive some donations and we evaluate them for the appropriateness and the effectiveness,” she said.

While the safety of healthcare workers are a main point of concern right now, Shay said the nurses and others saving lives are saving their energy for when you need it.