Are hair appointments okay during the coronavirus crisis?

HOUSTON – Joe Robledo is 87 years old.

Even though he’s in the most vulnerable population for COVID-19 infections, Robledo hasn’t closed his business, Beauty Bunch Hair Salon, yet.

“We’re wiping everything down with Clorox wipes, all the equipment, and the chairs, the desk, everything,” Robledo explained.

He hesitates closing, because he said he feels his clients will eventually need him.

“Eventually, they’re going to want to come regardless because they’re going to have to because they’re going to need haircuts, their hair gets too long or they need perms or colors and they’re going to come, they’re just not coming as often right now,” Robledo said.

The problem is, even if hair and nail salons don’t have a lot of people right now, experts said you need to remain six feet away from everyone at all times even if you feel fine.

Robledo is not in any violation of orders because he works in Harris County, which has not set limits on salons and similar businesses. However, Fort Bend County has instructed all hair, nail and massage businesses to temporarily close.