What to know about stockpiling prescriptions during coronavirus pandemic

HOUSTON – Several insurance companies said they will waive refill limits on maintenance medications during the coronavirus pandemic and CVS said they’ll deliver them to your home for free. This is supposed to ease the stress about stockpiling medications, which is recommended by the CDC for the vulnerable population.

It's also possible that you could switch your prescription from a 30-day to a 90-day prescription simply by asking your doctor.

If your insurance won't provide you with additional refills right now, Good RX said you can try asking your doctor to help you submit a "quantity limit exception form." In it, they can explain to the insurance company why limitations may be harmful right now.

If your insurer denies your refill request, don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself, and keep in mind there are organizations that make sure people have access to medications during an emergency.

Finally, consider filling your prescriptions with a mail-order service, it may not bulk up your reserves, but it will ensure your prescription is refilled on time without leaving the house.

Don’t forget over-the-counter medicine. There’s nothing to cure coronavirus, but if it does go through your household, you may need medicine to reduce fever, cough, and shortness of breath.