This Texas city is using jalapenos and nachos to illustrate how to protect yourself against coronavirus

Round Rock, TX (Austin Private Car Service)

HOUSTON – Round Rock has a message to Texans when it comes to protecting against the coronavirus.

The Austin suburb posted a graphic on their Instagram page, adding a pinch of humor to the ongoing viral outbreak.

The graphic read: "Wash your hands like you just got done slicing jalapenos for a batch of nachos and you need to take your contacts out."

And the tagline read: "That's like 20 seconds of scrubbing, y'all."

Texas native Austin Ellington is the artist behind the post.

In a telephone interview with patch.com, Ellington said that nachos and jalapenos are a staple in the Lone Star State. He also mentioned that he gathered inspiration from a Baton Rouge police officer who passed on a similar message, but with crawfish.