Ways to lose weight in your face

HOUSTON – Whether you're gaining weight or just waking up puffy, a lot of us feel like we have a fat face.

Registered dietitian Erin Gussler, from Whole Health Houston, said to lose weight in your face you should give it a daily massage with your hands or a jade roller found at many cosmetic stores.

Going from three points - forehead to temple, jaw to temple and down the neck - Gussler said will release fluids into your lymphatic system and decrease puffiness.

“Your lymphatic system is a fluid system that helps to ideally clear toxins, clear viruses, clear things out of your system and you have lymphatic points in your face. So massaging the face would help to pull fluid into that full lymphatic system,” Gussler said.

Of course, what’s good for the body is good for the face. That means exercise, staying hydrated and a healthy diet will help, too.

“I often see when a patient has inflammation, it shows up significantly in their face,” Gussler said.

That's why Gussler recommends anti-inflammatory diets. A diet high in produce or spices like turmeric may benefit people looking to downsize their cheeks.

“Often I recommend doing an elimination diet. It's something like a Whole 30 or paleo trial. Those are really great ways to see if there are foods that are causing inflammation,” Gussler said.

One of her favorite anti-inflammatory drinks is golden milk. Golden milk is a hot Indian drink made with milk and spices (including turmeric).

There's even a store-bought blend called Gaia Herbs Golden Milk Powder that you can buy to add milk, coconut milk or almond milk to get the benefits.