The health benefits of bananas

HOUSTON – Bananas have more sugar and carbohydrates than other fruits. One popular diet even says to avoid bananas because of the carb count, but as it turns out, not all carbs are created equal.

Benefits of Bananas

Fiber, some potassium, B6 and vitamin C are all in bananas.

Athough bananas are not favored by people following the keto diet because the fruit has more carbohydrates than other fruits, Kelsey-Seybold Dr. Shane Magee said they are a better carbohydrate than what Americans typically eat.

“These don't give you such high sugar loads in your blood as like table sugar does. It gives you a more slower, sustained release. When we talked about carbohydrates we’re focused more on the low glycemic index carbohydrate that are better for you,” Magee said. 

This means they're safe even for diabetic patients in moderate servings.

Good for Heart Patients

Magee encouraged patients with heart disease to eat bananas because the sodium to potassium ratio is just right to lower blood pressure, but the potassium-filled fruit should be avoided for patients with kidney disease.

“People who have normal functioning kidneys and high blood pressure, often a low sugar, high potassium diet helps lower blood pressure,” Magee said.

Good for Athletes

Bananas are great before a workout.

It’s a quick-acting carb that will give you an energy boost before exercise and the minerals help to prevent cramping.